Welcome to Church Center

Welcome to Church Center

Do you wonder who those new faces are? Are you trying to find out where this semester's Growth Groups are?  What day was that church event again?  We are debuting a new tool to answer those questions and more!

To help connect our church and keep people informed we will start using the Church Center app. This app connects seamlessly with Planning Center, our new church management system, and lets you do many things with the simple touch of a button. Receive news, updates, and announcements, join and communicate within groups and bible studies, view the church calendar, and access our church directory.

To get started download Church Center from the App Store or from Google Play and follow the steps below. Your profile may already have some basic information on it, as we have been migrating our church directory to Planning Center for the past several months. Just make changes and corrections as needed.

*Your information remains private. You choose what to share on the directory and only people within our church have access to the directory.

Just follow these steps to get setup.

  1. Download the Church Center App at https://churchcenter.com/install.
  2. Open the app and find our church
  3. Make sure you and your family's information is correct.  Make any changes necessary.  You can also upload a picture of your family.

As more and more people get set up on the app, we plan to start using more of its tools.